Towards a whole-school approach for sexuality education in supporting and upholding the rights and health of students with intersex variations

  title={Towards a whole-school approach for sexuality education in supporting and upholding the rights and health of students with intersex variations},
  author={Annette Br{\"o}mdal and Agli Zavros-Orr and lisahunter and Kirstine Alicia Hand and Bonnie Hart},
  journal={Sex Education},
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ABSTRACT It is well documented that the most effective sexuality education programmes employ a whole-school learning approach. More specifically, when schools and their leaders and teachers embrace such an approach, they view student learning in the context of the whole experience of being at school – from the classroom, to the home and the partnerships schools form with the local community. In parallel to this, people born with intersex variations report the lack of a systematic and broad… 
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Gaps recognised in this study reflect the challenges of providing sexuality education in school settings where society's political and sociocultural norms are imposed and traditional pedagogical ways have remained dominant.