Towards a transnational hip-hop feminist liberatory praxis: a view from the Americas

  title={Towards a transnational hip-hop feminist liberatory praxis: a view from the Americas},
  author={Tanya L. Saunders},
  journal={Social Identities},
  pages={178 - 194}
The author argues that hip-hop feminism has come to a point where it needs to take a transnationalist turn if it is going to realize its potential to be a twenty-first century feminist praxis. The author highlights how people speaking from a U.S. American context inadvertently become a global referent for anti-oppression movements and subjectivities. Unfortunately, by virtue of being in one of the centers of global power, becoming a global referent of anti-oppression has the potential to… 

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appear to refer primarily to Protestant congregations. The Roman Catholic Church, with its parish structure, is absent from this sociological discussion. How will Catholicism respond effectively to

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