Towards a reform of the Christian understanding of Shona traditional marriages in light of ancient Israelite marriages

  title={Towards a reform of the Christian understanding of Shona traditional marriages in light of ancient Israelite marriages},
  author={Canisius Mwandayi},
As we celebrate 500 years of the great reformist, Martin Luther, among the most memorable and cherished ideas about him were his calls for a return to the Bible as well as reforms in the understanding of marriage. Departing from the traditional sacramental theology of marriage, Luther convincingly argued that since matrimony existed from the beginning of the world, and still continues even among unbelievers, there are no reasons why it should be called a sacrament of the church alone. Tapping… 

Marriage and Culture within the Context of African Indigenous Societies: A Need for African Cultural Hermeneutics

This article discusses the challenges which the institution of marriage faces within the African indigenous societies. Marriage is understood to be one of the most vital mechanisms in maintaining the

Interrogating the Role of Language in Clergy Sexual Abuse of Women and Girls in Zimbabwe

The abuse of women and girls by individuals in authority has been a subject of complex debates in both social and academic discourses. This article analyses the language of deception used by the

Towards redeeming marriage custom from ‘triangular captivity’: The missional dilemma of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe

CITATION: Mujinga, M. 2020. Towards redeeming marriage custom from triangular captivity : the missional dilemma of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. Verbum et Ecclesia, 41(1):a2067,



The silent echoing voice: aspects of Zimbabwean Pentecostalism and the quest for power, healing and miracles

Many Pentecostal or “born again” church services are characterised by the theology of “deliverance from powers of darkness” that ruin the life of a Christian. Located within the rubric of “powers of

A history of Christian missions in Zimbabwe, 1890-1939

South Africa and Nigeria and a chapter each devoted to Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Liberia, and Madagascar. They are of a remarkably even quality and are


  • L. Diel
  • History, Sociology
    Ancient Mesoamerica
  • 2007
Abstract Though infrequent, the inclusion of marriage statements in Aztec histories reveals the political nature of matrimony for elite Nahua rulers in Late Postclassic-period central Mexico. The

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With this first comprehensive history of the Ndau of eastern Zimbabwe and central Mozambique, Elizabeth MacGonagle moves beyond national borders to show how cultural identities are woven from

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For many years now, it has become very common for Old Testament scholars to refer to the numerous parallels between the patriarchal customs reflected in the stories of Genesis and the Custom law of

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Written by one of the most distinguished ethnographers of African cultures, this edition updates 30 years of research and writing. Middleton's sensitive account dramatizes how this complex

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Kinship and the local community marriage prohibitions and incest marriage the family kinship.