Towards a psychology of collective memory

  title={Towards a psychology of collective memory},
  author={William Hirst and David Manier},
  pages={183 - 200}
This article discusses the place of psychology within the now voluminous social scientific literature on collective memory. Many social scientists locate collective memories in the social resources that shape them. For scholars adopting this perspective, collective memories are viewed as transcending individuals; that is, as being “in the world”. Others recognise that, in the final analysis, individuals must remember collective as well as individual memories. These scholars treat collective… 
Collective Memory from a Psychological Perspective
The study of collective memory has burgeoned in the last 20 years, so much so that one can even detect a growing resistance to what some view as the imperialistic march of memory studies across the
Psychological perspectives on collective memory and national identity: The Belgian case
The formation and maintenance of a collective memory depends the psychological efficacy of societal practices. This efficacy builds on the strengths and weakness of human memory. We view the articles
On the cultural constitution of collective memory
This article analyses how functional variations of collective memory across cultures may influence the processes, practices, and outcomes of collective remembering and proposes a new approach to studying collective memory in which the individual, the collective, and the culture are treated as a single unit of analysis.
The development of collective remembering
This essay outlines a sociocultural, developmental approach to collective memory. This work is grounded in Halbwachs’ (1950/1980) theory of collective memory and in recent prospective studies of
Collaborative recall and collective memory: What happens when we remember together?
This paper reviews the research on group remembering and draws together findings from different traditions to point the way forward for a cognitive psychological study of collective memory.
History, culture and cognition: Towards a dynamic model of social memory
The term social memory refers to the dynamic interplay between history, culture and cognition. At the level of the individual, three sources of knowledge: history, collective memory and individual
Between Memory and Social Psychology
This model propagates the further use of social psychology to analyse memory phenomena and describes the conversion of accessed memory information into memory beliefs (validation stage) and further into memory statements (communication stage).
Remembering: a theoretical interface between memory and social psychology
There is increasing awareness that memory is embedded in social context and subject to social influence, with little concomitant theoretical integration of memory and social psychological thinking.
Creating Shared Memories in Conversation: Toward a Psychology of Collective Memory
Problems of memory are salient in today´s world: struggles by present-day Germans to face the atrocities of the Holocaust, by South Africans to confront the legacy of apartheid, or by East Europeans


Collective Memory: The Two Cultures*
What is collective about collective memory? Two different concepts of collective memory compete—one refers to the aggregation of socially framed individual memories and one refers to collective
Finding Meaning in Memory: A Methodological Critique of Collective Memory Studies
The memory wave in the humanities has contributed to the impressive revival of cultural history, but the success of memory studies has not been accompanied by significant conceptual and
Collective remembering
Abstract Renewed interest in collective memory has raised the need for conceptual elaboration of the topic and how it can be studied. In an attempt to clarify how it fits into interdisciplinary
Social Memory Studies: From “Collective Memory” to the Historical Sociology of Mnemonic Practices
Despite substantial work in a variety of disciplines, substantive areas, and geographical contexts, social memory studies is a nonparadigmatic, transdisciplinary, centerless enterprise. To remedy
Remembering and Forgetting: Narrative as Cultural Memory
This paper has two objectives: one is to explore the dialectics of remembering and forgetting, an issue traditionally neglected in psychological memory research; the other is to question the
Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook
This handbook represents the interdisciplinary and international field of "cultural memory studies" for the first time in one volume. Articles by renowned international scholars offer readers a
[Collective memory].
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This workshop continues the discussion from the previous year on the recent developments in memory studies in terms of approaches, frameworks and methods and how these might be relevant to archival scholarship.
Collective Memory of Political Events : Social Psychological Perspectives
Contents: J.W. PennebakerIntroduction. Part I:The Life of Collective Memories. J.W. Pennebaker, B.L. Banasik, On the Creation and Maintenance of Collective Memories: History as Social Psychology.
Collective Memory and Cultural Identity
Problem and Program In the third decade of this century, the sociologist Maurice Halbwachs and the art historian Aby Warburg independently developed' two theories of a "collective" or "social
The Abuses of Memory: Reflections on the Memory Boom in Anthropology
In recent years, studies of memory have blossomed in the humanities. (Klein 2000, Radstone 2000, Zelizer 1995)2 In anthropology in particular, a vast number of scholars are currently occupied with