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Towards a portable high-resolution muon detector based on Resistive Plate Chambers

  title={Towards a portable high-resolution muon detector based on Resistive Plate Chambers},
  author={S. Basnet and Eduardo Cortina Gil and Pavel Evgen'evich Demin and Ran M. I. D. Gamage and Andrea Giammanco and Raveendrababu Karnam and Marwa Moussawi and Amrutha Samalan and Michael Tytgat},
The use of conventional imaging techniques becomes problematic when faced with challenging logistics and confined environments. In particular, such scenarios are not unusual in the field of archaeological and mining explorations as well as for nuclear waste characterization. For these applications, even the use of muography is complicated since the detectors have to be deployed in difficult areas with limited room for instrumentation, e.g., narrow tunnels. To address this limitation, we have… 
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