Towards a more realistic description of swing pumping due to the exchange of angular momentum

  title={Towards a more realistic description of swing pumping due to the exchange of angular momentum},
  author={Pere Roura and J. A. Gonz{\'a}lez},
  journal={European Journal of Physics},
  pages={1195 - 1207}
The pumping mechanism of a swing in a playground is due to the exchange of angular momentum from the rocking movement of the swinger to the swing oscillation around the point from which the swing is suspended. We describe the rocking events as square pulses of short duration. This choice, together with a simplified mechanical model for the swinger, leads to simple formulae for the amplitude gain of the swing per rocking event. We show that the maximum gain is achieved when there is rocking at… 

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Gain in single and paired parametric oscillators

ABSTRACT The new concept of Quantum Amplification by Superradiant Emission of Radiation for generating high-frequency coherent light has produced several open questions, and one of the most important

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