Towards a model of language contact and change in the English-lexifier creoles of Africa and the Caribbean

  title={Towards a model of language contact and change in the English-lexifier creoles of Africa and the Caribbean},
  author={Kofi Yakpo},
  journal={English World-wide},
  • K. Yakpo
  • Published 2017
  • Geography
  • English World-wide
The Afro-Caribbean English-lexifier Creoles (AECs) exhibit fascinating combinations of disparate typological characteristics. I present a model of post-formative (“post-creolization”) contact and change and provide a comprehensive inventory of contact constellations in Africa and the Caribbean. I conduct a comparative analysis of causative constructions in seven African and Caribbean AECs, argue for the notional separation of the traditional creolist terms “superstrate”, “lexifier”, “substrate… Expand
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