Towards a dephasing diode: asymmetric and geometric dephasing.


We study the effect of a noisy environment on spin and charge transport in ballistic quantum wires with spin-orbit coupling (Rashba coupling). We find that the wire then acts as a dephasing diode, inducing very different dephasing of the spins of right and left movers. We also show how Berry phase (geometric phase) in a curved wire can induce such asymmetric dephasing, in addition to purely geometric dephasing. We propose ways to measure these effects through spin detectors, spin-echo techniques, and Aharanov-Bohm interferometry.

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@article{Whitney2008TowardsAD, title={Towards a dephasing diode: asymmetric and geometric dephasing.}, author={Robert S. Whitney and Alexander Shnirman and Yuval Gefen}, journal={Physical review letters}, year={2008}, volume={100 12}, pages={126806} }