Towards a common definition of global health

  title={Towards a common definition of global health},
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Public Health in Africa: Theoretical Framework

  • M. Azevedo
  • Medicine
    Historical Perspectives on the State of Health and Health Systems in Africa, Volume I
  • 2017
These are examined as parts of the health or medical systems from an historical perspective that enables the reader to link the present to the past and vice-versa.

Two Regimes of Global Health

Lakoff distinguishes between and describes two contemporary regimes for envisioning and intervening in the field of global health: global health security and humanitarian biomedicine.

Introductory Chapter: What Is Global Health?

It is agreed that it is not the same thing as international health, but the lines which divide these two concepts keep moving.

The Global Health System: Actors, Norms, and Expectations in Transition

In the first in a series of four articles highlighting the changing nature of global health institutions, Nicole Szlezák and colleagues outline the origin and aim of the series.

Strengthening systems and scholarship for global health — and public health

No abstract available.

Professionalism in Global Health

This chapter suggests a definition of professionalism in global health, addresses the problem of unprofessionalism and its typical determinants and consequences, as well as suggests strategies to

Community Interventions to Promote Mental Health and Social Equity.

(Reprinted with permission from Current Psychiatry Reports (2020) 21: 35).

Managing the Demand for Global Health Education

Vanessa Kerry and colleagues discuss how to manage the unprecedented growth in and demand for global health programs in the United States, Europe and other high-income countries.

The need for professional standards in global health.

To promote good practices, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in global health should adopt and follow rules of professional conduct that put communities' wants and needs over those of the



International Public Health : Diseases, Programs, Systems, and Policies

This title explores the public health problems facing low- and middle-income countries today, and identifies their three greatest challenges: reproductive health, infectious disease, and nutrition.

The World Health Organization and the transition from "international" to "global" public health.

It is argued that WHO began to refashion itself as the coordinator, strategic planner, and leader of global health initiatives as a strategy of survival in response to this transformed international political context.

The Institute of Medicine

The IOM has decided that each of the divisions will include consideration of human values and ethical issues in their activities, and no separate locus was established within the IOM to deal with these matters.

A dictionary of epidemiology

The fifth edition of A Dictionary... performs normative and informative functions: you will be informed on important matters and instructed on how to proceed in the epidemiological field, and readers with different needs and anxieties with knowledge will find straightforward writing, authoritative definitions and pertinent bibliographical references.

A Dictionary of Epidemiology

The new edition of this classic text remains the definitive dictionary in epidemiology, and the dictionary goes beyond simple definitions, as it place each term firmly and clearly in its fuller epidemiologic context.

The greatest benefit to mankind : a medical history of humanity


The untilled fi eld of public health

  • Mod Med 1920;
  • 1920

Welcome to the International Health Institute

  • Welcome to the International Health Institute
  • 2009

The untilled field of public health

  • Modern Medicine 1920;
  • 1920

The US commitment to global health: recommendations for the new administration Institute of Medicine

  • The US commitment to global health: recommendations for the new administration Institute of Medicine
  • 2008