Towards a better QALY model.

  title={Towards a better QALY model.},
  author={Jos{\'e}-Mar{\'i}a Abell{\'a}n-Perpi{\~n}{\'a}n and Jos{\'e}-Luis Pinto-Prades and Ildefonso M{\'e}ndez-Mart{\'i}nez and Xabier Bad{\'i}a-Llach},
  journal={Health economics},
  volume={15 7},
This paper presents a test of the predictive validity of various classes of QALY models (i.e. linear, power and exponential models). We first estimated TTO utilities for 43 EQ-5D chronic health states and next these states were embedded in nonchronic health profiles. The chronic TTO utilities were then used to predict the responses to TTO questions with nonchronic health profiles. We find that the power QALY model clearly outperforms linear and exponential QALY models. Optimal power coefficient… CONTINUE READING

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