Towards a Politics of (Relational) Aesthetics

  title={Towards a Politics of (Relational) Aesthetics},
  author={Anthony Downey},
  journal={Third Text},
  pages={267 - 275}
The aesthetic criteria used to interpret art as a practice have changed radically since the 1960s. To note as much is to observe a truism: the idea (or should that be the ideal) of a universalist aesthetic point of reference, or even the notion of aesthetics as a nominal interpretive baseline, has been discursively displaced by identitarian, theoretical, political, economic, ethical and social interventions. And yet aesthetics as a topic, far from fading into a minor role, has become something… 

No "Gestures of return"? : querying queer aesthetics in North American art

Queer art holds a troubled, and troubling, position in art and aesthetic discourse. The task of defining an authoritative queer aesthetics is complicated by the nature of queer theory, a framework

Ecologies of Relation: Collectivity in Art and Media

How can relation be considered a creative force in the composition of experience? Investigating the status of relation in art, media, and philosophy, this thesis outlines an account of

Chaos and context : speculations about the prominence of participatory art since the mid 1990s

In his essay The Poetics of the Open Work, Umberto Eco suggests that 'open work' of the 1960s, which stressed audience involvement, contingency and an anti-institutional stance, is an expression of a

Negotiation theory and the critique of dialogue in dialogical and relational art

outdoor sculpture. Yes, it was perhaps outdated and did not engage with its social situation. Gravity, mass and three dimensionality seem like very limited concerns compared to the world of content

Contemporary digital museum in theory and practice

This dissertation investigates the interplay between a selected set of museum practices, such as online strategies, digitisation of artwork reproductions, and crowdsourcing, through a theoretically

Identity and Positioning in Algerian and Franco-Algerian Contemporary Art

Identity and belonging increasingly feature as themes in the work of contemporary artists, a focus that seems particularly felt by those artists who either personally or through their families have

The emergence of the documentary real within relational and post-relational political aesthetics

A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the Requirements of the University of Wolverhampton For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Narrative, story, intersubjectivity: Formulating a continuum for examining transmedia storytelling

This thesis begins with the premise that by challenging preconceptions about narrative and story as concepts that are in some way already determined, it becomes possible to open a space in which

Not My Choice: Feeling as a “Productive Paradox” in Lola Arias’s Doble de riesgo

Abstract:Framed within Buenos Aires’s Parque de la Memoria, Lola Arias’s 2016 multi-media installation, Doble de riesgo, thrust affect to center stage and highlighted choice as pivotal, emotionally

Encountering Pedagogy through Relational Art Practices

Two artists involved in ‘socially engaged art’ practice were invited to work with art education teacher candidates and instructors in an effort to rethink notions of teaching, learning and art. We