Towards a Hierarchical Definition of Life, the Organism, and Death

  title={Towards a Hierarchical Definition of Life, the Organism, and Death},
  author={Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis},
  journal={Foundations of Science},
Despite hundreds of definitions, no consensus exists on a definition of life or on the closely related and problematic definitions of the organism and death. These problems retard practical and theoretical development in, for example, exobiology, artificial life, biology and evolution. This paper suggests improving this situation by basing definitions on a theory of a generalized particle hierarchy. This theory uses the common denominator of the “operator” for a unified ranking of both… 
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What is life?
It is argued that if there were life elsewhere in the universe, it would be very similar to what the authors know on this planet because the laws of physics and the composition of matter are universal and because of the principle of the inexorability of life.
A critique on the theory of homeostasis.
Health in Non-human Organisms
This chapter analyses attempts made to define health for non-human organisms and develops a categorization of health definitions that acknowledges the variety of the different kinds of definitions.