Towards a Context-Aware Information Model for Provisioning and Managing Virtual Resources and Services

  title={Towards a Context-Aware Information Model for Provisioning and Managing Virtual Resources and Services},
  author={Yeongrak Choi and Jian Li and Yoonseon Han and John C. Strassner and James Won-Ki Hong},
The demand for new and innovative services, and especially for personalized services, continues to increase. In such systems, different services may compete for the same set of shared resources. Hence, the mix of services and resources that each has often results in conflicting demands on shared resources, and is becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Autonomic systems that provide virtual resources and services can provide important management benefits to ensure that the needs of different… 
Managing federations of virtualized infrastructures: A semantic-aware policy based approach
The Ponder2 policy framework and the SMC architecture are adopted as a powerful engineering approach to semantic-aware management of federations of Future Internet (FI) virtualized infrastructures, enabling efficient sharing of virtualized networked facilities among federation users.
Challenges of an information model for federating virtualized infrastructures
The proposed Information and Data models are driven from a concrete use-case, using PlanetLab and FEDERICA as examples of virtualized platforms in a Future Internet federated environment.
This paper surveys available modelling approaches and discusses how these can be used in the virtual machine (host) based computer network landscape; a qualitative analysis of the current state-of-the-art is presented and a set of recommendations on adopting any particular method are offered.
Empleo de modelos de información en arquitectura modificada para gestión de redes y servicios basada en políticas
espanolLas infraestructuras de redes y servicios se han convertido en un activo estrategico para las organizaciones. En la medida que estas han crecido en tamano, complejidad y heterogeneidad,
Comprehensive formalization and modeling of the network and system virtualization process
This chapter discusses the development and use of models for qualitative research in the area of information modelling and its applications in the field of social science.


The design of a novel context-aware policy model to support machine-based learning and reasoning
This paper describes a new version of the DEN-ng context-aware policy model, which is part of the FOCALE autonomic network architecture, and is expressly constructed so that a policy language that supports machine-based reasoning and learning can be developed from it.
FOCALE: A Novel Autonomic Networking Architecture
FOCALE, a semantically rich architecture for orchestrating the behavior of heterogeneous and distributed computing resources, is introduced and applied to Beyond 3G Networks as a case study.
FEDERICA: Federated e-Infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing Network Architectures
The FEDERICA project is to create a virtual network environment that is dedicated to investigate and trial novel network protocols and services, as well as Future Internet architectural concepts and emerging applications, to provide support and research on current and Future Internet technologies and architectures.
Autonomic Communication
Autonomic Communication explores conceptual models and associated technologies that will uphold the vision of autonomic communication where devices and applications blur the boundaries between virtual and real worlds as they seamlessly interconnect, intelligently cooperate, and autonomously manage themselves.
The Role Object Pattern
An object-oriented system is typically based on a set of key abstractions that are modeled by a corresponding class in terms of abstract state and behavior, but once the system wants to scale up into an integrated suite of applications, it has to deal with different clients that need context-specific views on the authors' key abstraction.
Terminology for Policy-Based Management
This document is a glossary of policy-related terms to improve the comprehensibility and consistency of writing that deals with network policy, particularly Internet Standards documents (ISDs).
Design Patterns CD: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, (CD-ROM)
This landmark work on object-oriented software design presents a catalog of simple and succinct solutions to common design problems, created by four experienced designers, and is now available on CD-ROM.
Design patterns: elements of reuseable object-oriented software
The book is an introduction to the idea of design patterns in software engineering, and a catalog of twenty-three common patterns. The nice thing is, most experienced OOP designers will find out
Introduction to DEN-ng, Tutorial for FP7
  • PanLab II Project, January
  • 2009
Introduction to DEN-ng, Tutorial for FP7 PanLab II Project
  • Introduction to DEN-ng, Tutorial for FP7 PanLab II Project
  • 2009