Towards a Calculus of State-based Software Components

  title={Towards a Calculus of State-based Software Components},
  author={Lu{\'i}s Soares Barbosa},
  journal={J. UCS},
This paper introduces a calculus of state-based software components modelled as concrete coalgebras for some Set endofunctors, with specified initial conditions. The calculus is parametrized by a notion of behaviour, introduced as a strong (usually commutative) monad. The proposed component model and calculus are illustrated through the characterisation of a particular class of components, classified as separable, which includes the ones arising in the so-called model oriented approach to… CONTINUE READING

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A×C ×B and m : (A×B)× (C ×D) −→ (A×C)× (B ×D)) with monad unit, multiplication and strength. Such laws are thoroughly dealt with in [Barbosa, 2001] under the designation of context lemmas

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