Towards Sustainable Future by Transition to the Next Level Civilisation

  title={Towards Sustainable Future by Transition to the Next Level Civilisation},
  author={A. Kirilyuk},
Universal and rigorously derived concept of dynamic complexity (ccsd-00004906) shows that any system of interacting components, including society and civilisation, exists only as a process of highly inhomogeneous, qualitative development of its complexity. Modern state of civilisation corresponds to the end of unfolding of a big enough level of complexity. Such exhausted, totally “replete” structure cannot be sustainable in principle and shows instead increased instability, realising its… Expand

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Towards Sustainable Future by Transition to the Next Level Civilisation
Universal and rigorously derived concept of dynamic complexity shows that any system of interacting components, including society and civilisation, exists only as a process of highly inhomogeneous,Expand
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