Towards State Space Reduction Based on T-Lumpability-Consistent Relations


Markovian behavioral equivalences can be exploited for state space reduction before performance evaluation takes place. It is known that Markovian bisimilarity corresponds to ordinary lumpability and that Markovian testing and trace equivalences correspond to a coarser exact relation we call T-lumpability. While there exists an ordinarylumpability-consistent aggregation algorithm, this is not the case with T-lumpability. Based on the axiomatization of Markovian testing and trace equivalences, we provide a sufficient condition for T-lumpability that can easily be embedded in the aggregation algorithm for ordinary lumpability, thus enhancing the potential for exact state space reduction. We also identify a class of systems – those providing incremental services – for which the resulting aggregation algorithm turns out to be useful.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-87412-6_6

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