Towards Reliable Data - Counting the Finnish Open Access Publications

  title={Towards Reliable Data - Counting the Finnish Open Access Publications},
  author={Jyrki Ilva},
  • Jyrki Ilva
  • Published in CRIS 1 April 2017
  • Political Science
Measurement of Open Access as an Infrastructural Challenge: The Case of Finland
This paper shows how the quality problems of Finnish publication data can be resolved through centralizing the services and processes of metadata creation and by improving the interoperability of systems involved in the processes.
Open access at the national level: A comprehensive analysis of publications by Finnish researchers
Institutional data, integrated at national and international level, provides one of the building blocks of a large-scale data infrastructure needed for comprehensive assessment and monitoring of OA across countries, for example at the European level.
The role of learned societies in national scholarly publishing
It is concluded that Finnish learned societies play an integral part in national scholarly publishing, as commercial publishers produce only 2.6% of Finnish journals and book series, and only 1.4% of the journal articles from scholars working in Finnish universities.
Quality Issues of CRIS Data: An Exploratory Investigation with Universities from Twelve Countries
Examination of data quality issues in current research information systems is examined and new techniques and methods of data cleansing and data monitoring are introduced with which organizations can guarantee the quality of their data.
Solving problems of research information heterogeneity during integration - using the European CERIF and German RCD standards as examples
Methods, processes and techniques of information integration in the context of research information management systems are presented in order to ensure the quality ofResearch information in an institutions data sources during its integration into the RIMS.
Management Accounting for Healthy Nutrition Education: Meta-Analysis
The central contribution of the study has been to detect the main future directions of research, providing critical points that will allow us to identify the themes of future publications, in addition to providing an instrument for decision-making carried out by the research funding sponsors.
Monografioiden ja artikkelikokoelmien avoimuuden kehitys Suomen yliopistoissa 2017–2019
Kotimainen tieteellisten monografioiden ja kokoomateosten julkaisukulttuuri on huomattavasti ulkomaita avoimempaa.Avoimuuden kehitys ei kuitenkaan ole riittävän nopeaa ilman avoimuutta edistäviä
Suggestions for a National Framework for Publication of and Access to Literature in Science and Technology in India
The outcome of deliberation on various aspects of publication and free access to scientific literature by a panel of nominated fellows from three science academies, viz. Indian National Science
Quality Issues of CRIS Data
Extended abstract accepted at the CRIS2018 Conference.-- See event programme at


Disrupting the subscription journals’ business model for the necessary large-scale transformation to open access
The strong, fact-based case is made for a large-scale transformation of the current corpus of scientific subscription journals to an open access business model, to preserve the established service levels provided by publishers that are still requested by researchers, while redefining and reorganizing the necessary payment streams.
Juuli - a national portal for publication data
The National Library of Finland has built the Juuli publication portal, which has been fully accessible since the beginning of June, and can also be accessed in a shared interface that comprehends all Finnish universities.
Delayed open access: An overlooked high-impact category of openly available scientific literature
The results demonstrate that delayed OA journals constitute an important segment of the openly available scholarly journal literature, both by their sheer article volume and by including a substantial proportion of high-impact journals.
The “total cost of publication” in a hybrid open‐access environment: Institutional approaches to funding journal article‐processing charges in combination with subscriptions
There is a clear rise in centrally managed APC payments from 2012 onward, with payments projected to increase further, evidencing the growing availability and acceptance of OA publishing and reflecting particular UK policy developments and funding arrangements intended to accelerate the move toward OA Publishing.
Avoimen julkaisun tuen malli
Tama selvitys kartoittaa avoimen tieteellisen julkaisemisen tilannetta Suomessa ja sisaltaa ehdotuksia avoimen julkaisemisen prosessien ja roolien jarjestamiseksi. Ehdotusten tavoitteena on edistaa
OKM:n tiedonkeruun avoin saatavuus -tieto
Selvitys on julkaistu myos Avoin tiede ja tutkimus -hankkeen vaikuttavuusselvitystyoryhman raportin liitteena.
Open-access index delists thousands of journals
Many publications did not reapply after leading directory tightened its quality criteria.
Integrating CRIS and repository – an overview of the situation in Finland and in three other Nordic countries
Current research information systems (CRIS) are being implemented rapidly in many universities and other research organizations all around Europe. Although research information systems of some sort