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Towards Reconfigurable Cache Memory for a Multithreaded Processor

  title={Towards Reconfigurable Cache Memory for a Multithreaded Processor},
  author={Yoshiyasu Ogasawara and Ippei Tate and Satoshi Watanabe and Mikiko Sato and Koichi Sasada and Kaname Uchikura and Kazunari Asano and Mitaro Namiki and Hironori Nakajo},
Recently reconfigurable devices such as FPGA have improved performance (gate speed and the number of gates) and reconfiguration time. Today, a reconfigurable device can integrate a largescale processor and complex hard-wired logic. System designers found that they need a highperformance processor for their reconfigurable device based systems. To improve processor performance, a multithreaded architecture has been introduced; however, performance decreases drastically because of cache misses for… Expand
An Effective Replacement Strategy of Cache Memory for an SMT Processor
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A reconfigurable multi-function computing cache architecture
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Fast context switching by hierarchical task allocation and reconfigurable cache
  • Kiyofumi Tanaka
  • Computer Science
  • Innovative Architecture for Future Generation High-Performance Processors and Systems, 2003
  • 2003
The general-purpose RISC processor architecture is extended and a new RISC core is developed which can be used to implement the seamless task switching, fast response to interrupt requests, and the reconfigurable caches, for supporting real-time processing in a multi-tasking environment. Expand
Dynamic Partitioning of Shared Cache Memory
The results show that smart cache management and scheduling is essential to achieve high performance with shared cache memory and can improve the total IPC significantly over the standard least recently used (LRU) replacement policy. Expand
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The Hyper-Threading Technology architecture is described, and the microarchitecture details of Intel's first implementation on the Intel Xeon processor family are discussed, which is an important addition to Intel's enterprise product line and will be integrated into a wide variety of products. Expand
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