Towards Quality of Experience-based reputation models for future web service provisioning


This paper concerns the applicability of reputations systems for assessing Quality of Experience (QoE) for web services in Future Internet. Reputation systems provide mechanisms to manage subjective opinions in societies and yield general scoring of a particular behavior. Thus, they are likely to become an important ingredient of Future Internet. Parameters being under evaluation by reputation system may vary greatly and, particularly, may be chosen to assess the users’ satisfaction with (composite) web services. Currently, this satisfaction is usually expressed with QoE, which represents subjective users’ opinions. The goal is to predict users’ satisfaction based on reputation values. This may be beneficial for service providers in terms of checking the fulfillment of SLAs, for retaining QoE on the satisfaction level for other users sharing the same network or service resources, and for providing the users with indications which resource to choose in order to maximize its experience.

DOI: 10.1007/s11235-011-9435-2

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