Towards Parity in Protection: Barriers to Effective Child Protection and Welfare Assessment with Disabled Children in the Republic of Ireland

  title={Towards Parity in Protection: Barriers to Effective Child Protection and Welfare Assessment with Disabled Children in the Republic of Ireland},
  author={Susan Flynn},
  journal={Child Care in Practice},
  pages={333 - 351}
  • S. Flynn
  • Published 23 January 2020
  • Psychology
  • Child Care in Practice
ABSTRACT Disabled children experience increased risk of abuse and neglect. Concurrently, serious concerns and practical impediments persist regarding the capacity of statutory child protection and welfare services to respond adequately to their needs. Specifically, the focus in this article is on the assessment stage of the social work process within child protection and welfare teams in the Republic of Ireland. Within this, critical commentary on the literature in this article sets out… 

Measuring parenting capacity for disabled children using a child protection assessment

  • S. Flynn
  • Psychology
    Journal of Social Work
  • 2020
Summary Childhood disability can heighten risk of neglect and abuse and may also impinge upon the parenting task. Even so, a gross deficiency of published literature on social work parenting capacity

A Framework to Inform Protective Support and Supportive Protection in Child Protection and Welfare Practice and Supervision

In this article, our intention is to provide an in-depth framework to inform the management of the inevitable complexity of day-to-day practice and supervision in child protection and welfare. It is

Untroubling children’s identity in child protection and welfare assessment through a postconventional analytic

  • S. Flynn
  • Psychology
    Journal of Social Work
  • 2020
Summary The sustaining argument advanced in this paper is that postconventional analysis offers a constructive theoretical lens to contemplate identity in child protection and welfare assessment.

Protection as a Human Fundamental Need: Re-Conceiving Signs of Safety for Social Work in the Republic of Ireland

Large-scale reform of statutory child protective services in the Republic of Ireland is underway, prompted by adoption of the national strengths-based and safety-organised practice approach, known


The seven articles within this issue of Child Care in Practice challenge us in a number of ways to re-define how we understand disability and the fact that disability occurs within a family and



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ABSTRACT Disabled children experience unique vulnerabilities in the context of child protection and welfare services. Current research alludes to strong concerns about social inequality, professional

Disability and Child Sexual Abuse: Lessons from Survivors' Narratives for Effective Protection, Prevention and Treatment

Disability and Child Sexual Abuse examines the ways in which society marginalises, institutionalises and places disabled children in situations of unacceptable risk, and how – as evidenced in the

Disabled Children and Child Protection in Scotland : An investigation into the relationship between professional practice, child protection and disability

Investigation of the relationship between disabled children and child protection practice in Scotland shows that the child protection system is a cause for concern in relation to disabled children.

An impossible task? Implementing the recommendations of child abuse inquiry reports in a context of high workloads in child protection and welfare

This paper examines the issue of social workers’ caseloads in child protection and welfare in the Republic of Ireland. High caseloads impact on the type and quality of service provided to children

Child Protection and Welfare Systems in Ireland: Continuities and Discontinuities of the Present

This chapter provides an overview of the Irish child protection and welfare system, and examines continuities and discontinuities between the past and the present. 2012 is chosen as a pivotal change

Child abuse, child protection and disabled children : a review of recent research

A scoping study which reviewed research about child abuse, child protection and disabled children published in academic journals between 1996 - 2009 concludes by identifying a number of aspects of the topic requiring further investigation.

Preventing Abuse and Neglect in the Lives of Children with Disabilities

The high price of ignorance, the existing barriers to prevention, and how the authors can engage in their roles as professionals in order to stop CAN and ANCD are discussed.

Perspectives on austerity: the impact of the economic recession on intellectually disabled children

Abstract In 2008, the Republic of Ireland descended into the deepest period of economic recession since the Great Depression of 70 years before. In the aftershock of recession, research suggests that

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In this paper we argue that a new model of disability is emerging within the literature by disabled people and within disability culture, expressed most clearly by the Disability Arts Movement. For