Towards Fast Prototyping of IVAs Behavior: Pogamut 2

  title={Towards Fast Prototyping of IVAs Behavior: Pogamut 2},
  author={Ondrej Burkert and Rudolf Kadlec and Jakub Gemrot and Michal B{\'i}da and Jan Havl{\'i}{\vc}ek and Martin D{\"o}rfler and Cyril Brom},
We present the platform for IVAs development in th e uman like environment of the first-person shooter game Unreal Tournament 2004. This environment is extendible and supported by vast com munity of users. Based on our previous experience the problem of fast verific ation of models of artificial intelligence or IVAs is in implementation issues. T he developer spends most of his time solving technical environment dependent is sue and malfunctions, which drives him away from his goals. Therefore… CONTINUE READING