Towards Design Learning Environments - I: Exploring How Devices Work

  title={Towards Design Learning Environments - I: Exploring How Devices Work},
  author={Ashok K. Goel and Andr{\'e}s G{\'o}mez de Silva Garza and Nathalie Gru{\'e} and J. William Murdock and Mimi Recker and T. Govindaraj},
  booktitle={Intelligent Tutoring Systems},
Knowledge based support for learning about physical devices is a classical problem in research on intelligent tutoring systems ITS The large amount of knowledge engineering needed however presents a major di culty in constructing ITS s for learning how devices work Many knowledge based design systems on the other hand already con tain libraries of device designs and models This provides an opportunity for reusing the legacy device libraries for supporting the learning of how devices work We… CONTINUE READING
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