Towards CW modelocked laser on chip - a large mode area and NLI for stretched pulse mode locking.

  title={Towards CW modelocked laser on chip - a large mode area and NLI for stretched pulse mode locking.},
  author={Neetesh Singh and Erich P. Ippen and Franz X. K{\"a}rtner},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={28 15},
Integrated modelocked lasers with high power are of utmost importance for next generation optical systems that can be field-deployable and mass produced. Here we study fully integrated modelocked laser designs that have the potential to generate ultrashort, high power, and high quality pulses. We explore a large mode area laser for high power pulse generation and study the various mode-locking regimes of dispersion managed soliton pulses in net anomalous and net normal dispersion cavities… 
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