Towards Bandwidth Optimization in Fog Computing using FACE Framework

  title={Towards Bandwidth Optimization in Fog Computing using FACE Framework},
  author={Rosangela de Fatima Pereira Marquesone and {\'E}rico Augusto da Silva and N. Gonzalez and Karen Langona and Walter Akio Goya and F. Red{\'i}golo and T. Carvalho and Jan-Erik M{\aa}ngs and A. Sefidcon},
The continuous growth of data created by Internet-connected devices has been posing a challenge for mobile operators. The increase in the network traffic has exceeded the network capacity to efficiently provide services, specially for applications that require low latency. Edge computing is a concept that allows lowering the network traffic by using cloud-computing resources closer to the devices that either consume or generate data. Based on this concept, we designed an architecture that… Expand
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