Towards Automation of Ontology Analysis Reporting


Different kinds of ontologies are currently accessible either from different ontology catalogues or various ontology search engines. Heterogeneity of ontologies and ontology resources hinders ontology users in their work such as selection of an adequate ontology resource in which they could search for proper ontology to be used, reused or adapted with regard to their use case. Although there are many works which provided ontology analyses from diverse aspects, none of them enables straightforward access at any time. In this paper we present preliminary results of our ontology analysis and our plan to provide an automatic and generally available ontology analysis reporting service providing time snapshots of available ontologies. Further, we will present some available ontology catalogues, repositories, search engines and discuss how they could be included. In our work we focus on ontologies expressed in OWL and we address logical, structural, naming and annotation aspects of ontologies.

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