Towards A Process-Oriented Software Architecture Reconstruction Taxonomy

  title={Towards A Process-Oriented Software Architecture Reconstruction Taxonomy},
  author={Damien Pollet and St{\'e}phane Ducasse and Lo{\"i}c Poyet and Ilham Alloui and Sorana C{\^i}mpan and Herv{\'e} Verjus},
  journal={11th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR'07)},
To maintain and understand large applications, it is crucial to know their architecture. The first problem is that unlike classes and packages, architecture is not explicitly represented in the code. The second problem is that successful applications evolve over time, so their architecture inevitably drifts. Reconstructing the architecture and checking whether it is still valid is therefore an important aid. While there is a plethora of approaches and techniques supporting architecture… CONTINUE READING
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