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Towards 4-loop NSPT result for a 3-dimensional condensate-contribution to hot QCD pressure

  title={Towards 4-loop NSPT result for a 3-dimensional condensate-contribution to hot QCD pressure},
  author={Christian Torrero and Mikko Laine and York Schroder and Francesco Di Renzo and Vincenzo Miccio},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Lattice},
Thanks to dimensional reduction, the contributions to the hot QCD pressure coming from so-called soft modes can be studied via an effective three-dimensional theory named Electrostatic QCD (spatial Yang-Mills fields plus an adjoint Higgs scalar). The poor convergence of the perturbative series within EQCD suggests to perform lattice measurements of some of the associated gluon condensates. These turn out, however, to be plagued by large discretization artifacts. We discuss how Numerical… 

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