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Towards 3D reconstruction of outdoor scenes by mmw radar and a vision sensor fusion

  title={Towards 3D reconstruction of outdoor scenes by mmw radar and a vision sensor fusion},
  author={Ghina El Natour},
The main goal of this PhD work is to develop 3D mapping methods of large scale environment by combining panoramic radar and cameras. Unlike existing sensor fusion methods, such as SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), we want to build a RGB-D sensor which directly provides depth measurement enhanced with texture and color information.After modeling the geometry of the radar/camera system, we propose a novel calibration method using points correspondences. To obtain these points… Expand
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Agrégation d'information pour la localisation d'un robot mobile sur une carte imparfaite. (Information aggregation for the localization of a mobile robot using a non-perfect map)
Nous souhaitons lever ces limitations, et proposons d'utiliser des cartes de type semantique, qui existent au-prealable, par exemple comme OpenStreetMap, comme carte de base afin of se localiser. Expand


Toward 3D Reconstruction of Outdoor Scenes Using an MMW Radar and a Monocular Vision Sensor
A geometric method for 3D reconstruction of the exterior environment using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera based on the complementarity of these two sensors considering the robustness to the environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar, and the high spatial resolution of a vision sensor. Expand
Radar and vision sensors calibration for outdoor 3D reconstruction
A new geometric calibration algorithm, and a geometric method of 3D reconstruction using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera that is complementary, considering the robustness to environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar, and the high spatial resolution of a vision sensor. Expand
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Reconstructing a textured CAD model of an urban environment using vehicle-borne laser range scanners and line cameras
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Robust 3D reconstruction using LiDAR and N - visual image
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Distributed multi sensor data fusion for autonomous 3D mapping
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Accurate Multiple View 3D Reconstruction Using Patch-Based Stereo for Large-Scale Scenes
  • Shuhan Shen
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • 2013
A depth-map merging based multiple view stereo method for large-scale scenes which takes both accuracy and efficiency into account and can reconstruct quite accurate and dense point clouds with high computational efficiency. Expand
Integration of LiDAR data and optical multi-view images for 3D reconstruction of building roofs
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