Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales

  title={Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales},
  author={Steven J. Keating and Julian C. Leland and Levi Cai and Neri Oxman},
  journal={Science Robotics},
An on-site mobile robotic platform autonomously constructed an open dome with complex curvature and variable wall thickness. Contemporary construction techniques are slow, labor-intensive, dangerous, expensive, and constrained to primarily rectilinear forms, often resulting in homogenous structures built using materials sourced from centralized factories. To begin to address these issues, we present the Digital Construction Platform (DCP), an automated construction system capable of customized… 

Mobile robotic fabrication beyond factory conditions: case study Mesh Mould wall of the DFAB HOUSE

The research discussed in this paper applies a novel construction system for non-standard reinforced concrete structures to explore the fabrication of large-scale and monolithic building structures using a mobile robot on site, and investigates sensor-integrated adaptive fabrication strategies to achieve the accurate fabrication.

FIBERBOTS: an autonomous swarm-based robotic system for digital fabrication of fiber-based composites

Fiberbots, a platform that represents a step toward autonomous, collaborative robotic fabrication, comprises a team of identical robots that work in parallel to build different parts of the same structure up to tens of times larger than themselves from raw, homogeneous materials.

An Autonomous Vault-Building Robot System for Creating Spanning Structures

VaultBot is presented, a system of autonomous robots that build a load-bearing spanning vault using identical modular blocks that can be made collapsible and deployable as a way of reducing mass and volume that must be transported to a construction site.

Robotic Spatial Printing For Designers

This research developed a fully-integrated robotic printing system, using new methods of additive manufacture (AM) that enables users to explore spatially printed structures with increased freedom of

Accurate and Adaptive in Situ Fabrication of an Undulated Wall Using an on-Board Visual Sensing System

This paper presents a system for the fabrication of a full-scale, load-bearing, and doubly-curved steel reinforced concrete wall, which is the largest structure which has been built by a mobile robot using solely vision-based sensing.

Autonomous Mobile 3D Printing of Large-Scale Trajectories

A high-level planning algorithm to automate M3DP given a print task is extended to robot control and three different ways to integrate the long-duration planned path with a short horizon Model Predictive Controller are developed.

Aerial additive manufacturing with multiple autonomous robots

Additive manufacturing methods1–4 using static and mobile robots are being developed for both on-site construction5–8 and off-site prefabrication9,10. Here we introduce a method of additive

Printing-while-moving: a new paradigm for large-scale robotic 3D Printing

This work develops a system that implements the printing-while-moving paradigm, which enables printing single-piece structures of arbitrary sizes with a single robot, and demonstrates, for the first time, a printing- while-moving experiment, wherein a 210 cm × 45 cm × 10 cm concrete structure is printed by a robot arm that has a reach of 87 cm.

MAP - A Mobile Agile Printer Robot for on-site Construction

This paper presents a Mobile Agile Printer (MAP), a highly agile, 4-legged, omnidirectional robot capable of 3D printing large structures and shows that MAP has the ability to construct in new ways more sensitive to its environment, context and concurrent on-site operations.



Mobile Robotic Brickwork

This paper describes the implementation of a discrete in situ construction process using a location-aware mobile robot. An undulating dry brick wall is semi-autonomously fabricated in a laboratory

A Compound Arm Approach to Digital Construction

A novel large-scale Digital Construction Platform for on-site sensing, analysis, and fabrication consisting of a compound robotic arm system comprised of a 5-axis Altec hydraulic mobile boom arm attached to a 6-axis KUKA robotic arm is introduced.

Mobile robotic fabrication on construction sites: DimRob

A new approach to man-machine collaboration, aimed at a deeper integration of human ability with the strengths of digitally controlled machines, will result in advances in the construction sector, thus opening up new design and application fields for architects and planners.

Autonomous repositioning and localization of an in situ fabricator

This paper introduces a newly developed machine, called the In situ Fabricator (IF), whose goal is to bring digital fabrication to the construction site and demonstrates that the IF can build with sub-centimeter accuracy over long building sequences.

Robotic positioning device for three-dimensional printing

A compact print-head positioning device for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) a method of three-dimensional printing independent from the size of the object it prints.

Construction of Cubic Structures with Quadrotor Teams

It is shown that any SCS can be built using only the feasible assembly modes for individual structural elements and present simulation and experimental results with a team of quadrotors performing automated assembly.