Toward individualized SAR models and in vivo validation.

  title={Toward individualized SAR models and in vivo validation.},
  author={Hanno Homann and Peter B{\"o}rnert and Holger Eggers and Kay Nehrke and Olaf D{\"o}ssel and Ingmar Gr{\"a}\sslin},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={66 6},
The specific absorption rate (SAR) is a limiting constraint in sequence design for high-field MRI. SAR estimation is typically performed by numerical simulations using generic human body models. This entails an intrinsic uncertainty in present SAR prediction. This study first investigates the required detail of human body models in terms of spatial resolution and the number of soft tissue classes required, based on finite-differences time-domain simulations of a 3 T body coil. The numerical… CONTINUE READING