Toward full spatiotemporal control on the nanoscale.

  title={Toward full spatiotemporal control on the nanoscale.},
  author={Maxim Durach and Anastasia Rusina and Mark I Stockman and Keith A. Nelson},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={7 10},
We introduce an approach to implement full coherent control on nanometer length scales. It is based on spatiotemporal modulation of the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) fields at the thick edge of a nanowedge. The SPP wavepackets propagating toward the sharp edge of this nanowedge are compressed and adiabatically concentrated at a nanofocus, forming an ultrashort pulse of local fields. The profile of the focused waveform as a function of time and one spatial dimension is completely coherently… CONTINUE READING
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