Toward defining spirituality

  title={Toward defining spirituality},
  author={Walter H. Principe},
  journal={Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses},
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Ce que recouvre le terme de spiritualite est devenu vague, car celui-ci a ete employe dans des domaines trop divers. L'A. retrace l'histoire de l'utilisation et des developpements de ce terme qui possede deux acceptions l'une theologique, l'autre morale. Un sens recent designe une branche des etudes religieuses. L'A. propose ensuite une definition du terme en distinguant trois niveaux, celui de la realite vecue, celui de la formulation d'un enseignement sur la realite vecue et enfin l'etude… 
Spirituality: A Glowing and Useful Term in Search of a Meaning
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This study, which is intended to inform and guide at a “meta”-level, seeks to provide genealogical, historical, and methodological clarity vis-a-vis the encounter between psychology and mysticism.
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Spirituality and secularization: nursing and the sociology of religion.
  • J. Paley
  • Philosophy
    Journal of clinical nursing
  • 2008
The sociology of religion is drawn on - neglected, for the most part, in the nursing literature - to establish that the UK and the USA are at opposite ends of the religion/secularity spectrum, implying that it is a mistake to assimilate USA and UK sources.


La vie d'union & a g r a v e ; Dieu et les moyens d'y arriver d'après les grands maitres de la spiritualit&eacute
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    • A similar fluidity and vagueness is evident in the widespread use of the term 'mysticism.' See Walter Principe
    Although a scientific examination of matter and energy, this latter work also embraces 'spirituality' in the sense examined here
    • 1966