Toward a Theory of the Political Entrepreneur: Evidence from Local Government

  title={Toward a Theory of the Political Entrepreneur: Evidence from Local Government},
  author={Mark Schneider and Paul Teske},
  journal={American Political Science Review},
  pages={737 - 747}
Political scientists have been increasingly interested in entrepreneurs—individuals who change the direction and flow of politics. In this research note, we synthesize aspects of an economic approach to entrepreneurship with concepts used in political science. We then tie these theoretical observations to the emergence of entrepreneurs in local governments and test components of our theory using observations from a large set of suburban municipal governments. Empirically, we identify several… 

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Bureaucrats and Politicians

  • W. Niskanen
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Law and Economics
  • 1975
FIVE years ago I completed the manuscript that was published as Bureaucracy and Representative Government.2 This book-an attempt to match a now conventional theory of the demand for government

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