Toward a Social and Environmental History of the Building of Cahora Bassa Dam

  title={Toward a Social and Environmental History of the Building of Cahora Bassa Dam},
  author={Allen F. Isaacman and Chris Sneddon},
  journal={Journal of Southern African Studies},
  pages={597 - 632}
This paper examines the intertwined social and environmental histories of the Cahora Bassa dam constructed on the Lower Zambesi River in Mozambique. A basic premise of this historical analysis is that social and ecological sustainability are necessarily linked. We trace the transformations wrought by Cahora Bassa and the devastating effects on peasant communities inundated by the dam's reservoir, on down-river communities and on the ecosystems of the Lower Zambesi. The grandiose aims of the… 


  • A. Man
  • Environmental Science
  • 2001
This article explores the socio-economic and environmental impact ofCahora Bassa Dam and South Africa s destabilisation campaign on the communities and ecology of the Zambezi River valley in

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The Zambesi valley downstream of Mutarara has historically been susceptible to destructive oods

    Interview with Padre Claudio Gremi; interview with Vernácio Leone; interview with Senteira Botáo, Eliot Jumbo, Muatisembero Sargento and Beatriz Maquina

      Mozambique's Cabora Bassa Project

        Cahora Bassa and Lower Zambezi workshop', unpublished manuscript prepared for Workshop Sobre O Uso Sustentavel da Barrágem de Cahora Bassa e do Vale do Rio Zambese (Songo

          Interview with Vernácio Leone; interview with Peter Size and Fedi Alfante

            140 Joint interview with Supia Sargent and Carlos Soda Churo

              Rehabilitation programme'; see also R. Beilfuss and B. Davies, 'Prescribed ooding and wetland rehabilitation in the Zambezi Delta

              • An International Perspective on Wetland Rehabilitation
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              Joint interview with Jack Sobrinho and Wiseborn Benjamin