Toward a Selection Theory of Molecular Evolution

  title={Toward a Selection Theory of Molecular Evolution},
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  • Matthew W. Hahn
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    Evolution; international…
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Neutral Theory Models describing the dynamics of genetic variants with no effect on fitness—so-called neutral models—have been around almost as long as the field of population genetics (Fisher 1922; Wright 1931). Decades after the first models were introduced Motoo Kimura gave a complete description of the dynamics of neutral mutations in finite populations, using mathematical tools borrowed from particle physics (Kimura 1955). Although the elegance of this and other results from Kimura and… CONTINUE READING
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    The neutral theory of molecular evolution in the genomic era.
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    Epistasis Increases the Rate of Conditionally Neutral Substitution in an Adapting Population
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    The structure of allelic diversity in the presence of purifying selection.
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    Non-Selective Evolution of Growing Populations
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    Pervasive Natural Selection in the Drosophila Genome?
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    The Structure of Genealogies in the Presence of Purifying Selection: A Fitness-Class Coalescent
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    The role of weak selection and high mutation rates in nearly neutral evolution.
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    Gene Genealogies Strongly Distorted by Weakly Interfering Mutations in Constant Environments
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    Weighing the evidence for adaptation at the molecular level.
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