Toward a More Perfect Hamilton

  title={Toward a More Perfect Hamilton},
  author={Marvin Mcallister},
  journal={Journal of the Early Republic},
  pages={279 - 288}
This essay examines the ambitious representational mission, color-conscious casting, and hip hop/musical theater fusion of the ground-breaking musical Hamilton. In particular, the piece highlights the unqualified successes of the production team, as they used performed whiteness and race-bending to reinvent casting, marketing, and story-telling on Broadway. However, the essay also acknowledges the historical and political shortcomings of this commercially unrivaled musical and suggests… 

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Hip–hop historiography: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton and the Latinx historical imagination

This reflexión pedagógica discusses the lessons scholars and teachers of Latinx history can learn from the historical vision put forward in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 2015 Broadway musical Hamilton.

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"Catanese's beautifully written and cogently argued book addresses one of the most persistent sociopolitical questions in contemporary culture. She suggests that it is performance and the difference

Playing the Man Who Shot Hamilton

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