Toward a Developmental View of Adult Crisis: a Re-Examination of Crisis Theory

  title={Toward a Developmental View of Adult Crisis: a Re-Examination of Crisis Theory},
  author={F. Loyal Greer},
  journal={Journal of Humanistic Psychology},
  pages={17 - 29}
  • F. Greer
  • Published 1 October 1980
  • Economics
  • Journal of Humanistic Psychology
The thesis of this article is that sudden event-related crises can produce developmental shifts as part of the normal progression of the adult life cycle. Evidence for this is available from both the crisis intervention and life-span development literatures. Observations of individuals in crisis reveals the occurrence of profound structural changes in perception and experience. However, more systematic examination of the developmental significance of such crises awaits the reworking of several… 

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or challenge. These people, it is thought, are at points where growth or breakdo^11 may occur, and where short-term intervention is likely to have maximum impact. Th'j theory is central to the book,

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The points to be made in this paper are as follows: i.

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Past responses to stress and current precipitating events did not predict inpatient treatment, but did predict subsequent outpatient treatment, and Demographic variables and therapist's characteristics were not correlated with either outcome measures.

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