Toward a Decolonial Feminism

  title={Toward a Decolonial Feminism},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Lugones},
  pages={742 - 759}
In “Heterosexualism and the Colonial/Modern Gender System” (Lugones 2007), I proposed to read the relation between the colonizer and the colonized in terms of gender, race, and sexuality. By this I did not mean to add a gendered reading and a racial reading to the already understood colonial relations. Rather I proposed a rereading of modern capitalist colonial modernity itself. This is because the colonial imposition of gender cuts across questions of ecology, economics, government, relations… 

Gender and Equivocation: Notes on Decolonial Feminist Translations

Latin American feminist theories, especially those articulated by subaltern/racialized subjects, operate within an epistemological referent that is distinct from the analytic models of critique

Remembering Lugones: The Critical Potential of Heterosexualism for Studies of So-Called Australia

Heterosexualism is inextricably tied to coloniality and modernity. This paper explores the potential of Argentinian philosopher Maria Lugones’ theorisations of heterosexualism and the colonial/modern

Discrepant Women, Imperial Patriarchies and (De)Colonizing Masculinities

This chapter continues the genealogy of colonial liberalism as it targeted Caribbean women and Caribbean gender relations. Moving back to the period of the abolition of slavery in the British

The Life and death of Anene Booysen: Colonial discourse, gender-based violence and media representations

This article makes the argument that representations of gendered and sexual violence, its perniciousness and its persistence need to be traced historically, not just to the recent history of

From Binary to Intersectional to Imbricated Approaches: Gender in a Decolonial and Diasporic Perspective

Abstract This article proposes a re-reading of the problem of gender, or as it has been put, more often than not, ‘the woman problem,’ that resists the reproduction of modern/colonial systems of

Decolonizing ‘Femicide’ in International Frameworks: A Decolonial Feminist Approach

Indigenous women are significantly overrepresented in homocide statistics in colonial states around the world. The term femicide is currently defined in international legal and political frameworks

An invitation to decoloniality in work on (African) men and masculinities

Abstract Seeing masculinity is, according to Raewyn Connell, ‘a place in gender relations’, what is the place accorded to males once considered property in men and masculinities studies, how are the

Born This Way?: Time and the Coloniality of Gender

The "born this way" narrative remains a popular way to defend nonnormative genders and sexualities in the United States. While feminist and queer theorists have critiqued the narrative's implicit

The Oxford Handbook of Feminist Philosophy and Decolonial Theories”

In recent years postcolonial and decolonial feminisms have become increasingly salient in philosophy, yet they are often deployed as conceptual stand-ins for generalized feminist critiques of

Rethinking Decolonial and Postcolonial Knowledges beyond Regions to Imagine Transnational Solidarity

Since the early twentieth century, various strands of “anticolonial” scholarship have been and are concerned with how colonial encounters and practices constitute differences. In recent years, this



Heterosexualism and the Colonial/Modern Gender System

The coloniality of power is understood by Anibal Quijano as at the constituting crux of the global capitalist system of power. What is characteristic of global, Eurocentered, capitalist power is that

The Decolonial Imaginary: Writing Chicanas into History

Emma Perez discusses the historical methodology which has created Chicano history. Then borrowing from theorists and philosophers of history, Michel Foucault, Juan Gomez-Quinones, Homi Bhabha,

Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud

This is a book about the making and unmaking of sex over the centuries. It tells the astonishing story of sex in the West from the ancients to the moderns in a precise account of developments in

Local Histories/Global Designs: Coloniality, Subaltern Knowledges, and Border Thinking

Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction On Gnosis and the Imaginary of the Modern/Colonial World System PART ONE: IN SEARCH OF AN OTHER LOGIC Border Thinking and the Colonial Difference PART TWO: I

The Invention of Women: Making African Sense of Western Gender Discourses

DESIREÉ MANICOM reviews The Invention of Women: Making African sense of Western Gender Discourses by OYERONKE OYEWUMI