Toward a Cultural History of Scholastic Disputation

  title={Toward a Cultural History of Scholastic Disputation},
  author={Alex J. Novikoff},
  journal={The American Historical Review},

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This paper considers how we might understand Nicolescu’s transdisciplinary approach to being in the world through a scholastic metaphysics, to ground Nicolescu’s ontology in a different historic

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Ideas and opinions about communication and intellectual exchange underwent significant changes during the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The rediscovery of parrhesia by the

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This section takes aim at the ill-conceived idea that “emotional distance” from children was a coping strategy dictated by high child-mortality environments. Our confrontation with the precariousness



Notre-Dame and Related two best treatments of the medieval Christian intellectual engagement with Jews and Judaism are Gilbert Dahan

  • Les intellectuels chrétiens et les juifs au Moyen âge
  • 1990

Judaism on Trial, 164. The three other Jewish witnesses summoned to the gathering were Judah ben David of Melun

    Great Book of Commandments) is one of the earliest codifications of Jewish law (Halakhah)

      Living Letters of the Law, 2-3 n. 3. Cf. the expression "theological Jew" as described by

        130 For considerations about Donin's background and motives, see Jeremy Cohen

        • The Mentality of the Medieval Jewish Apostate
        • 1987

        An abbreviated and slightly reoriented version of the essay subsequently appeared in English as "Basic Types of Christian Anti-Jewish Polemics in the Later Middle Ages

        • The foundational brick in this line of inquiry was laid by Amos Funkenstein
        • 1968

        For Philip's general influence on thirteenth-century thought, see Odon Lottin

        • Lottin, Psychologie et morale aux XII e et XIII e siècles
        • 2004

        For a more recent and succinct overview of the motet literature, especially in comparison with other musical forms of the thirteenth century, see Mark Everist

        • Gattungen der Musik in Einzeldarstellungen: Gedenkschrift Leo Schrade, erst Folge
        • 1973

        For a recent English translation, see Joinville and Villehardouin, Chronicles of the Crusades, trans

        • 1995