Toward a Conversation about Sex in Feminism: A Modest Proposal

  title={Toward a Conversation about Sex in Feminism: A Modest Proposal},
  author={Carole S. Vance and Ann Barr Snitow},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={126 - 135}
  • C. Vance, A. Snitow
  • Published 1 October 1984
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Any attempt to assess the meaning of recent debates about sexuality within American feminism can only begin by acknowledging that this is as yet a very underdeveloped conversation.35 We inherit an inadequate vocabulary to describe women's experience. For example, in candid discussion with other women, consciousness-raising style, words like "orgasm" and "lesbian" turn out to be inadequate labels for breathtakingly diverse experiences. We inherit sexological studies conducted from a male… 
Beyond Barnard: Liberalism, Antipornography Feminism, and the Sex Wars
  • Lorna Bracewell
  • Sociology, Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2016
Feminism’s sex wars are often portrayed as a two-sided conflict pitting antipornography feminists versus sex-radical feminists, a conflict that began at the 1982 conference The Scholar and the
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Sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld’s Die Transvestiten (1910) and anthropologist Esther Newton’s Mother Camp (1972) exemplify a rich tradition of scholarly thought and analysis on gender variance in the
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Abstract This article develops a feminist/queer ethics of digitization by considering a recent controversy surrounding the remediation of a lesbian sex magazine called On Our Backs (1984–2006) from
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Drawing on West and Zimmerman's classic theory of “doing gender,” which argues that gender is something we do rather than something we have or are, as well as recent feminist conversations about
E fforts to develop the concepts and strategies of sexuality and human rights have been emerging over the past two decades.1 A wide range of groups engaged in a number of often-overlapping movements
Celebrating Queer Lesbian Desires with Dorothy Allison: From moral monstrosity to the beautiful materiality of the body
Using social and queer theory on domination, sexuality and gender, this contribution explores how the queer American author Dorothy Allison celebrates the vilified transgressive lesbian body. As, in
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Racialized sexualization & agency in exotic dance among women
How spatial expressions of sexuality within the context of a woman-only exotic dance venue enables both the resistance and reinforcement of circulating discourses of race, gender, and sexuality that construct sexual desirability under the male gaze is explored.
Heterosexuality and Feminist Theory*
Heterosexuality, which I define as a romantic and sexual orientation toward persons not of one's own sex, is apparently a very general, though not entirely universal, characteristic of the human


Feminism, Marxism, Method, and the State: Toward Feminist Jurisprudence
  • C. Mackinnon
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1983
Feminism has no theory of the state. It has a theory of power: sexuality is gendered as gender is sexualized. Male and female are created through the erotization of dominance and submission. The
The Black Women's Issue
  • Recent publications dealing with differences include Cruikshank
  • 1979
Introduction: The Daily Life of Lesbian Sexuality" (paper presented to the National Women's Studies Association