Toward TeV conformality.

  title={Toward TeV conformality.},
  author={Thomas Appelquist and A. R. Avakian and Ronald Babich and Richard C. Brower and Michael Cheng and Michael A. Clark and S. D. Cohen and George Tamminga Fleming and Joseph Kiskis and Ethan T. Neil and James C. Osborn and Claudio Rebbi and David Schaich and Pavlos Vranas},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={104 7},
We study the chiral properties of an SU(3) gauge theory with N{f} massless Dirac fermions in the fundamental representation when N{f} is increased from 2 to 6. For N{f}=2, our lattice simulations lead to a value of psi psi/F{3}, where F is the Nambu-Goldstone-boson decay constant and psi psi is the chiral condensate, which agrees with the measured QCD value. For N{f}=6, this ratio shows significant enhancement, presaging an even larger enhancement anticipated as N{f} increases further, toward… 

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