Toward Precision Medicine: A New Social Contract?

  title={Toward Precision Medicine: A New Social Contract?},
  author={Susan Desmond-Hellmann},
  journal={Science Translational Medicine},
  pages={129ed3 - 129ed3}
Patients have the power to drive development of a new taxonomy of disease and precision medicine. 
Precision medicine: Beyond the inflection point
A confluence of biological, physical, engineering, computer, and health sciences is setting the stage for a transformative leap toward data-driven, mechanism-based health and health care for each individual.
Precision medicine: an approach to R&D for delivering superior medicines to patients
Trends indicate a potential reversal of this trend fueled by a wave of new biologics, vaccines and highly selective NCEs directed against targets validated by human genetics, focus on new disease areas including orphan and genetic diseases and more precise tailoring of medicines to their target populations.
Creating a Space for Innovative Device Development
The FDA announces a partnership with a new nonprofit organization—the Medical Device Innovation Consortium—to advance regulatory science in the medical technology arena.
Research led by participants: a new social contract for a new kind of research
In light of the momentum behind participant-led research and its potential to advance health knowledge by challenging and complementing traditional research, it is vital for all stakeholders to work together in securing the conditions that will enable it to flourish.
Precision medicine at the crossroads
It is asserted that the advantages of the proposed system overwhelm alternative ways of handling data on the phenotypes, genotypes, and environmental exposures of individual humans and should be the central policy objective of early efforts to make precision medicine a reality.
Personalised and Precision Medicine: What Kind of Society Does It Take?
What goals and values underpin current iterations of personalised medicine are explored; having as much information as possible about the bodies, lives, and environments of individuals is increasingly seen as necessary to reach the goal of personalisation.
Precision medicine: opportunities, possibilities, and challenges for patients and providers
Several ethical, legal, and social issues related to the Precision Medicine Initiative's proposed changes to current institutions, values, and frameworks are outlined.
Precision medicine: key applications and considerations for commercial success & market access
Precision Medicine is an approach to discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that deliver superior outcomes for patients, by integrating clinical and molecular information to understand the biological basis of disease creating a GPS map of human disease.
Stakeholder consultation insights on the future of genomics at the clinical-public health interface.
  • S. Modell, S. Kardia, T. Citrin
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Translational research : the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine
  • 2014


Power to the People: Participant Ownership of Clinical Trial Data
The time has come to crowd-source data for diagnostic and therapeutics development because participation in clinical trials is dismally low and the benefits of participant ownership and sharing of trial data appear to outweigh the risks.
Achieving a Nationwide Learning Health System
This work outlines the fundamental properties of a highly participatory rapid learning system that can be developed in part from meaningful use of electronic health records (EHRs), which will make increasing amounts of medical information available in computable form.