Toward Islamic Anthropology: Definition, Dogma, And Directions

  title={Toward Islamic Anthropology: Definition, Dogma, And Directions},
  author={Akbar S. Ahmed},
Crossing the Cultural Divide between Muslim and Non-Muslim: Formation of Ambassadorial Identity
Akbar S. Ahmed is widely acknowledged in the West as ‘The Ambassador for Islam’ and is an eminent Pakistani Muslim anthropologist. This article examines his Muslim ambassadorial identity. The paperExpand
«Islamic anthropology» and the «anthropology of Islam»
L'A. passe en revue les diverses propositions pour une « anthropologie islamique» et leur relation avec l'« anthropologie de l'Islam ». L'anthropologie islamique aborde les phenomenes sociaux etExpand
Quantum Organizations with Islamic way forward
This paper describes a phenomenon of transnational organizations and general condition of world and ‘man in the world’. For developing a comprehensive framework, it presents authentic literatureExpand
Parents' views regarding their children's education and future in Pakistan
This research aims to uncover lower pay-scale salaried parents’ views about the education and future of their children in Islamabad, Pakistan. Educational opportunities for various regions andExpand
An exploration of Naquib al-Attas’ theory of Islamic education as ta’dīb as an ‘indigenous’ educational philosophy
Abstract This paper explores the ‘indigenous’ philosophy of education of Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas, a Malay-Muslim scholar who’s theoretical work culminated in the establishment of aExpand
Cultural and Religious Perspective on the Sufi Shrines
It is discovered that majority of the people and visitors have strong belief systems upon the blessings of Sufis and they visit shrines to fulfill their social, economic, physical, mental and spiritual wishes. Expand
Adab Al Nafs: A Review of Al Mawardy’s Moral Education Philosophy
Moral education has becoming an increasingly popular topic in the fields of psychology and education. It is in line with contemporary one of the greatest problem that has confronted human society isExpand


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