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Toward High Precision Higgs-Boson Measurements at the International Linear e + e − Collider

  title={Toward High Precision Higgs-Boson Measurements at the International Linear e + e − Collider},
  author={S. Heinemeyer and S. Kanemura and H. Logan and A. Raspereza and T. Tait and H. Baer and E. Berger and A. Birkedal and J. Brient and M. Carena and J. Cembranos and S. Choi and S. Godfrey and J. Gunion and H. Haber and T. Han and H. Heath and S. Hesselbach and J. Kalinowski and W. Kilian and G. Moortgat-Pick and S. Moretti and S. Mrenna and M. Muhlleitner and F. Petriello and J. Reuter and M. Ronan and P. Skands and A. Sopczak and M. Spira and Z. Sullivan and C. Wagner and G. Weiglein and P. Zerwas},
This report reviews the properties of Higgs bosons in the Standard Model (SM) and its various extensions. We give an extensive overview of the potential of the ILC operated at center-ofmass energies up to 1 TeV (including the γγ collider option) for the determination of the Higgs boson properties. This includes the measurement of the Higgs boson mass, its couplings to SM fermions and gauge bosons, and the determination of the spin and the CP quantum numbers of the Higgs. We also discuss… Expand
Charged Higgs Bosons in the MSSM at CMS: Discovery Reach and Parameter Dependence
The search for MSSM Higgs bosons will be an important goal at the LHC. In order to analyze the search reach of the CMS experiment for the charged MSSM Higgs bosons, we combine the latest results forExpand
Exploration of the tensor structure of the Higgs boson coupling to weak bosons in e+e− collisions
A bstractProbing signatures of anomalous interactions of the Higgs boson with pairs of weak vector bosons is an important goal of an e+e− collider commissioned as a Higgs factory. We perform aExpand
Higgs Boson Search at e+e- and Photon Linear Colliders
The various search modes for the Higgs bosons of the Standard Model (SM) and its Minimal Supersymmetric Extension (MSSM) at the International Linear Collider (ILC) will be summarized briefly. InExpand
Higgs boson masses and B-physics constraints in Non-Minimal Flavor Violating SUSY scenarios
A bstractWe present one-loop corrections to the Higgs boson masses in the MSSM with Non-Minimal Flavor Violation. The flavor violation is generated from the hypothesis of general flavor mixing in theExpand
Progress for Higgs Bosons Physics at the LC
A linear e+e- collider (LC) could go into operation in the next decade. The LHC is currently exploring the Higgs sector of the SM, various supersymmetric extensions and other models. The LC isExpand
Higgs at ILC in Universal Extra Dimensions in Light of Recent LHC Data
We present bounds on all the known universal extra dimension models from the latest Higgs search data at the Large Hadron Collider, taking into account the Kaluza-Klein (KK) loop effects on theExpand
Higgs boson masses in the MSSM with heavy Majorana neutrinos
We present a full diagrammatic computation of the one-loop corrections from the neutrino/sneutrino sector to the renormalized neutral $ \mathcal{C}\mathcal{P} $-even Higgs boson self-energies and theExpand
WMAP-compliant benchmark surfaces for MSSM Higgs bosons
We explore `benchmark surfaces' suitable for studying the phenomenology of Higgs bosons in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM), which are chosen so that theExpand
Leptonic charged Higgs decays in the Zee model
We consider the version of the Zee model where both Higgs doublets couple to leptons. Within this framework we study charged Higgs decays. We focus on a model with minimal number of parametersExpand
Higgs Physics at the LHC: Some Theory Aspects
In these lecture notes we review some prospect for the upcoming LHC experiments in view of the exploration of the Standard Model (SM) or its minimal Supersymmetric extension (MSSM). We focus on someExpand


MSSM Higgs boson searches at LEP
Final results from the MSSM Higgs boson searches from the LEP experiments ALEPH, DELPHI, L3 and OPAL are presented. The results are statistically combined and the statistical significance for signalExpand
Linear Collider Physics Resource Book for Snowmass 2001 - Part 2: Higgs and Supersymmetry Studies
This Resource Book reviews the physics opportunities of a next-generation e+e- linear collider and discusses options for the experimental program. Part 2 reviews the possible experiments on HiggsExpand
The Higgs Hunter's Guide
The Higgs Hunter's Guide is a definitive and comprehensive guide to the physics of Higgs bosons. In particular, it discusses the extended Higgs sectors required by those recent theoretical approachesExpand
Les Houches "Physics at TeV Colliders 2005'' Beyond the Standard Model working group: summary report
The work contained herein constitutes a report of the “Beyond the Standard Model” working group for the Workshop “Physics at TeV Colliders”, Les Houches, France, 2–20 May, 2005. We present reviews ofExpand
CP violation
The salient features of CP-violating interactions in the standard elec-troweak theory and in a few of its popular extensions are discussed. Moreover a brief overview is given on the status andExpand
Full Detector Simulation Using SLIC and LCDD
The main features of SLIC and LCDD are outlined and the structure of an LCDD document used for detector description input is explained, revealing a flexible and powerful package for full detector simulations. Expand
however (for it was the literal soul of the life of the Redeemer, John xv. io), is the peculiar token of fellowship with the Redeemer. That love to God (what is meant here is not God’s love to men)Expand
Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy model has been used repeatedly to treat depression and anxiety. The case presented here is a 34-year-old female law student with an adjustment disorder with mixedExpand
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