Toward Flexible MOOCs: Student-Sourcing of Learning Content at Scale

  title={Toward Flexible MOOCs: Student-Sourcing of Learning Content at Scale},
  author={Peter Brusilovsky},
This installment of Computer’s series highlighting the work published in IEEE Computer Society journals comes from IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies. 
Effects of Online Learning on College Students in Eastern China: A Structural Equation Model
With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, online education is rapidly catching on, even in some underdeveloped countries and regions. Based on Bandura's ternary learning theory and literature review,
Application of the MOOC Mixed Teaching Method under the Background of Internet + Education*
The MOOC teaching in colleges and universities in China is currently facing a dilemma of poor performance, and it is urgent to explore new methods to improve teaching results. Thus, based on the idea