Toward Canonical Trophic Aggregations

  title={Toward Canonical Trophic Aggregations},
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Steady-state input-output analysis of energy flows in an ecosystem conveniently delineates the discrete steps of energy processing in a given ecosystem. The fraction of a specific flow between species which results from a given input via any integral number of transfers can be calculated. The portions of all flows which are the same number of steps from any external input may, therefore, be aggregated. Furthermore, the mapping which creates these groupings preserves the first and second laws of… 
Quantitative methods for ecological network analysi
Limits on ecosystem trophic complexity: insights from ecological network analysis.
It is suggested that several whole-system processes may be at play in generating these ecosystem limits and regularities, and an upper bound on the number of effective trophic levels at about 3-4 links is suggested.
A package for the analysis of ecosystem flow networks


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