Toward An International Solfeggio

  title={Toward An International Solfeggio},
  author={H. Siler},
  journal={Journal of Research in Music Education},
  pages={40 - 43}
  • H. Siler
  • Published 1956
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Research in Music Education
Ir IS ONLY relatively true that music is an international language. Yet if, for the Occident, the expression contains much truth, our various national ways of reading it naming its intervals and tonalitieare as different as are the words of our respective languages. The Germans have one method for it, the Anglo-Sasons another, and the Latins still another. Yet each of them seems unnecessarily defective or unsuited to international usage. The English system, used also in the United States, seems… Expand
Sight-Singing Systems
s International 30-01'A. Brittain, L. M. (1998). Sight-singing pedagogy: Research applied to classroom methods. Choral Journal, 31 (1), 9-18. Buchanan, W. (1946). Comparison of fixed and movableExpand
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Effect of fixed -do and movable -do solfege instruction on the development of sight -singing skills in 7- and 8-year-old children
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The purpose of this study was to examine the types of music literacy and sightsinging techniques and/or approaches that elementar y and middle school general music teachers and choir directors employExpand
Chapter IX: Music Education
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Sight-singing pedagogy : a survey of high school choral directors.
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