Tourist loyalty and mosque tourism: The case of the Mosque-Cathedral in Córdoba (Spain)

  title={Tourist loyalty and mosque tourism: The case of the Mosque-Cathedral in C{\'o}rdoba (Spain)},
  author={Virginia Navajas-Romero and R. Hern{\'a}ndez-Rojas and Amalia Hidalgo-Fern{\'a}ndez and Juan Antonio Jimber Del R{\'i}o},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
Loyalty is important in the tourism sector since tourists are the key to returning to a destination or recommending it, which is a determining factor in the management of tourist sites. The tourism of Mosques, is a contextualized tourism within religious and cultural tourism. This research aims to analyze the loyalty of tourists of Islamic origin in the Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba. Unlike previous studies, this research adopts a comprehensive approach by considering cultural factors in the… Expand
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