Tourism in the MENA Region

  title={Tourism in the MENA Region},
  • Published 30 April 2019
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The impact of eudaimonic well-being on experience and loyalty: a tourism context

Purpose The effects of travel motivation and emotional experience on both tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty are recognized and have been extensively researched as key factors in tourism

The impact of climate change on budget balances and debt in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Lower tax revenues and greater government spending result in higher deficits and public debt. As a result, determining the degree of budgetary effects is vital, but important to assess the

Tourism Geography of the MENA Region: Potential, Challenges and Risks

This special issue assesses the spatial differentiation of tourism supply and demand and looks at the political situation, especially since the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and the related challenges for the tourism industry.

Generating Jobs For Youth GCC Nationals? – Tourism Development, Demographic Change, and Labour Market Situation in GCC Countries

Abstract The GCC states have built their economies on the hydrocarbon industry that allowed rapid economic and urban development and financed large, inefficient public sectors. The over-dependence of

“They just buy a karak and leave” – Overtourism in Souq Muttrah, the Sultanate of Oman

Abstract The research analyses overtourism in a fast-changing destination on the Arabian Peninsula with its social ‘ordering’, conceptualized in local community perceptions, local memories and