Tourism in Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia: A Case Study of Pro-poor Community-based Tourism Integrated into Community Development

  title={Tourism in Bario, Sarawak, Malaysia: A Case Study of Pro-poor Community-based Tourism Integrated into Community Development},
  author={Roger W. Harris},
  journal={Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research},
  pages={125 - 135}
  • Roger W. Harris
  • Published 15 April 2009
  • Economics
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
There are divergent views concerning the efficacy of pro-poor community-based tourism as a tool for community development. Although theoretical perspectives give rise to optimism, the evidence leaves some doubt. There is merit therefore in paying attention to the facilitating conditions under which such tourism can bring about desirable development. If these are better understood then there is greater likelihood that practice can catch up with theory. The Bario case study presents a picture of… 
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The Forest, Source of Life: The Kelabit of Sarawak. MONICAJANOWSKI. British Museum Occasional Paper number 143. The British Museum in association with the Sarawak Museum, 2003. 150 pp. color plates,
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